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09 August, 2020


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Do you want an empowering future ahead? Want to land your career in the developing data science industry? Well, than learning Python would make absolute justice to your career. Python is a highly popular programming language across the globe because of its zero difficulty level on learning and execution. Choosing Python over hundreds of other programming language will definitely make you a successful, independent developer.

As the demand for Python has been increasing massively, your career will burgeon to the pinnacle of success if you wish to pursue PYTHON. Already fascinated? Come on than let's talk about the industrial benefits of learning Python in 2020.

• Python is a high level, interpreted, open source and free language among all the others. It is easy to learn and can speed up any concept to the creation process because of its less complications to use and read. It's simplicity of codes it is best suited for the beginners.

•Python offers an array of frameworks for website developments. Flask, Django, Pylons are few popular frameworks offered by PYTHON. These frameworks allow developers to work with snippets of existing code called modules which simplifies the development process. The collection of information from various websites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest can be done by using Python and the process is known as "web scraping".

•Compared to the other languages developer, the Python developers tend to be more organized and productive.Due to its simplicity millions of developers continuously work together to improve upon core functionality nd also helps in a great way to connect with other developers.

• Python is one of fastest growing major programming languages and the most used computer language. The earning potential is at its peak as it is the second highest paid computer language. An average Python professional's salary is not less than $100,000 per year.

• Python serves in different fields therefore if you learn Python it would make you expert in the following fields-

°Web development

°Computer Graphics

°Mapping& Geography (GIS SOFTWARE)


°Application-specific scripting

°Python marks a milestone and significant development in the world of technology by creating AI(ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) which imitates the traits of a human brain thus being able to analyze and think and make decisions.

•It is also capable to create desktop and GUI applications. Python is used in various online and offline applications. In the gaming industry with the help of Python, one can create "Pygane" module logic which also runs on Android devices.

Once you are an experienced Python programmer you can expect working as the following:

Software Engineer

Data Engineer

Full-Stack Developer

Django Back-end Developer

Django or Python Developer

Story by JTPC Admin
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