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12 July, 2020

Emergence of Adobe XD: it’s pros and cons

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Adobe XD is a vector based UI/UX design tool for web and mobile based apps. Developed by Adobe Inc; it is available for both mac and windows, although a few versions for android and ios have been released recently. Adobe XD supports web wireframing as well as creating click-through prototypes, simply put into words, basically an all in one UX development software. But how does it compare to its peers? Well there are a few other tough competitors in the market, as of now, with the leaders being Sketch and Figma.

Let’s do a bit of pro-con test over XD, shall we?

Let’s say we roll in the good things first! Well Adobe XD happens to be extremely light weight and helps you share your prototypes with your clients pretty easily. Designers find it pretty easy to learn as it has a common interface resembling photoshop. More over Adobe offers the complete ecosystem from photoshop to illustrator, which collectively comes together in Adobe CC.


With that being said, we get a rough idea that Adobe XD happens to be a pretty user-friendly software with excellent support provided by Adobe Inc.

Now lets flip the coin and discuss the cons;

The add-ons ecosystem for Adobe XD is certainly not as large as that of Sketch yet. If you are desperately in need of some features, providing your feedback to Adobe might be more helpful than searching for a plugin.

As you have seen above, XD and sketch are going at each other. Lets do a quick comparision test between them shall we?




Vector graphics

YES(includes illustrator too in CC subscription)


Advanced image editing

No( but provides photoshop in CC subscription)





Assets export




No(announced as a future feature)

No(possible with third party plugins)

We can clearly see that both Sketch and XD have their own advantages. While with Sketch, the ones without an apple machine are left out, XD provides itself as an admirable solution.

With that being said, the development of an UX design completely depends upon the designer and his compatibility with a tool. So, choose your tool and make the best out of it!

Story by JTPC Admin
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